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Back to work after the holidays and straight in to NCE’s news desk where I began chasing stories on how the snow is being handled by local authorities, the world’s tallest building Burj Dubai – now called the Burj Khalifa opening at 828m – I said 818m…. and the Severn Crossings being closed as ice formed on the cables again.

On the snow side I veered away from the salt storage situation as its the same story every year and there has to be a balance. You need enough to last a few days in bad weather but not enough that it fills a mountain and then gets nicked. On the whole I feel sorry for the local authorities. They have to manage the toughest roads and dont have enough money to keep them in good condition when the weather is good, so bring on the snow and they have no chance. Once freeze thaw takes effect another several million pounds worth of damage is done to the network and yet the councils have even less money to spend on repair ‘cos they spent it all on salt and ploughs. It’s a vicious circle.

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