MEED rail report highlights industry challenges


This week MEED have published a report that shows the challenges and opportunties facing the railway industry as the region seeks to expand its rail services. For the cities of the GCC automated metros are set to revolutionise urban transport, and between countries freight lines are up and running with high speed rail on the horizon. I was fortunate enough to talk with rail heavyweights such as Thales Group, Siemens, Talgo, Mott MacDonald, Atkins and not to mention a rolling stock guru by the name of Paul Lawson who advisesĀ Saudi Railways Organisation on its expanding train fleet.

Read the report here

As I move on to look at regional groundwater abstraction I realise that today (23rd June) is National Women in Engineering Day. To celebrate I have been looking at some of the biggest engineering stories that I have covered since switching from life as a civil engineer to becoming a journalist. This was my first big story. A car park collapsed killing four people on site and I was sent to find out why. Immediately it was clear that the shear wall at the end was very thin and bowing outwards. After three days of being denied site access an investigator finally relented and told me that he was looking into this very issue. I came back with a great story – and my first grey hair. Thanks NCE!





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