Global Infrastructure Investment

8910_Just top 10 graphic

Every now and then I get to work on something a little bit different and this report from Netherland’s based consultant ARCADIS was just that. One of their experts, strategic research lead Barbra Carlisle, had carefully pulled together 26 statistical indicators to create an index of the most attractive global markets for infrastructure investment. I was then brought in to interview experts from around the company to help create the commentary around the findings, for example why Singapore remained the most attractive destination for investors, and why the US and the UK had made it into the top 10 for the first time.

This type of research is always exciting because it is giving readers, investors, analysts and the general public something new. There was a lot of excitement around emerging Asia markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines with efforts to remove corruption and improve the business environment beginning to pay dividends. More on the performance of Asian markets can be viewed here in this Bloomberg interview with one of the ARCADIS experts Richard Warburton.

Closer to home the UK stood out as it was bucking the European trend which saw markets become less attractive since ARCADIS did the study in 2012. Conversely the UK had moved up 3 places in the index thanks to improvements across the spread of indicators.

Why is this important? Well because government’s are increasingly seeking investment in infrastructure from the private sector, and with volatile stock markets and low interest rates prevalent, investors have been looking at infrastructure as a long term stable asset class. Markets that offer low risk returns with good yields and favourable business environments will have the most success in drawing in these new financial resources.

The research was reported on by leading media outlets around the world.

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