On site with Kobelco


When I originally began researching an article on asset management software for Cranes Today I was not overcome with excitement. Hours of grappling with complex telematics, sophisticated software and confusing abbreviations stretched ahead of me. But then crawler crane specialists Kobelco stepped in and with the help of Derbyshire based crane hire firm GH Johnson & Sons, the task suddenly became a lot more interesting. Rather than tell me about their KCross remote observation satellite system, Kobelco decided to show me. And I got to have a go in a CKE 1350G!

We headed up the M1 and met with the Johnson family who own GH Johnson Crane Hire Ltd in Alfreton. The firm have the Kobelco KCross remote observation satellite system installed on four Kobelco CKE – G series crawler cranes. From his desk company MD Paul Johnson accesses information about one of his machines, a CKE-1350G which is being used on a site in London and pulls up a weekly profile and scrutinises the operation record. “You can see operating hours for the week of 128, it has done 2367 lifts, has a maximum load ratio of 107% and heaviest load that week of 16.3t,” he explains.  In another area of the chart activities are logged telling Johnson that the crane spent 3% of its time slewing, 28.2% lifting and 68.2% idle. “You can also see the latitude and longitude of that crane which links to Google Earth and you can view it on a map,” he says.

Screen 2

The system contains a host of other information too and is so effective that the Johnson family asked about retrofitting it to existing cranes. Of course other systems are available and you can find out more about KCross and other systems in Cranes Today in December.

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