MEED executive education report 2015

CovereducationOne of the recent reports that I have worked on for Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) is all about executive education in the GCC. Despite the low oil price business schools and universities are continuing to report strong demand for their courses. Bespoke corporate training courses are particularly sought after as companies take advantage of the growing number of regional providers and a willingness to adapt content to suit the corporate customers.

For the overview of the executive education guide I spoke to many of the region’s business schools to find out how they were adapting to the regional dynamics. I found that although the sector remains one of growth and much activity, issues remain. Programmes have been put on hold by some clients, particularly those in the energy sector who have felt the impact of falling oil revenues most keenly. And some schools report a drop in corporate financing for their MBAs with fees paid privately instead. But rather than dropping off it seems that opportunities in executive education are evolving with companies becoming more discerning about the kind of training that they want for their employees. Creating and delivering this invariably requires the support of business schools, universities or professional service firms and will ultimately add to the depth and number of options available, which can only be a good thing for the region’s expanding economies.

The full article will appear on soon.



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