Rough times

Demand for rough terrain cranes fluctuates along with the oil price meaning that manufacturers of these versatile, robust lifting machines have had a hard time of it lately. In fact mobile cranes in general have been hard hit as the oil price maintained a steady fall since 2014. So how are manufacturers managing the soft market? Cranes Today magazine asked me to find out.

The Sany SRC 885

The answer is that manufacturers are doing a lot. From improving their own production methods and product designs to reducing prices and launching new machines, there is a lot going on in this segment. I was particularly interested to learn that most of the investment in new cranes is being aimed at the higher capacity end of the market from 80T upwards. Greater capacities and longer booms are where the development effort is focussed. To find out who is launching what, which booms are longest and what is new look out for the July issue of Cranes Today.

Grove GRT8100 - image 2 - lo-res
The new Grove GRT 8100

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